English Immersion Program

English has important role in the world nowadays, considering that language become an inter-continent communication tool. However, most of Indonesian thinks that English is difficult to be mastered, the result is very obvious as can be seen from the out-put after six years learning, only few of students are able to speak and comprehend English. It cannot be denied that the same problem is also occured to English department students.

For that reason, English Education department of IAIN conducted a program entitled English Immersion in kampus 2 on May 25-26, 2019. This two-days program was joined by the students of English Department. Most of participant thought that it is very important for them to join the program because they realize that language is habit. Indeed, participants are obligated to speak English, once they speak in Indonesian they would be fined for 1000 per word.

Hanafi as one of participant said that this program has a lot of advantages specially to increase students' self confidence and also their speaking ability. The instructor of the Program were the senior students of English Department which guided by the lecturer.

The secretary of English Department, La Aba, M.Pd, said that this program should be a yearly program, because he also realized that the significance of such a proram in improving students' ability in English.

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